Daredevil illustration

To challenge myself with something new, I started a digital portrait in Adobe Illustrator of Charlie Cox as Marvel Netflix’s Daredevil. It was an interesting process, I had only done portraits with traditional methods; charcoal and graphite mostly. Since this is vector, I couldnt rely on blending much and to offset some of the harsh lines I played around with a lot of opacities in my brushes. In the end, I still took this into PhotoShop to smooth some lines around the eye.


MSCCA Holiday Post

During my Internship at treebranchDESIGN, I was able to work often with the Maryland State Child Care Association, or MSCCA. In addition to photographing events and making Facebook posts from the images in real time, I also made their winter holiday post for Facebook.

Using Illustrator, I researched and arranged the names for almost every winter holiday into the shape of a present, and completed the image with a hand drawn bow and a cheerful message.

treebranchDESIGN’s L.E.A.F.


When my mentors at treebranchDESIGN started a new program called LEAF (Learn, Explore, Art, Fun) they had me make a logo for them.

I created the logo in Illustrator, and drew the oak leaf image myself. In addition to creating the logo, I also created flyers for the various events they would be hosting through their new organization. To make this process as efficient and uniform as possible, I created a flyer template for myself and my mentors to use.

Synergy Holiday Post

Made during my Internship at treebranchDESIGN, I digitally painted this image in Photoshop, as well as put a stock photo in the picture frame, for a winter holidays Facebook post.

I painted the entire scene in Photoshop, searched for and added in a stock photo from my Mentor’s favorite stock website, and incorporated the Synergy logo into the image (following their brand standards).

Synergy Contest

During my Internship at treebranchDESIGN, I made many graphics and Facebook post material for this client. Here, I made a Facebook ad for a contest they were having to win tickets to a Navy game.

Using stock images I found from my Mentor’s favorite stock image website, I combined type, the Synergy logo, and the images together in Photoshop to make this ad.

Pet Parents’ Place

From August to December of 2017, I worked as a Graphic Design Intern at treebranchDESIGN. This is one of the logos I made for a client during my time there.

I redrew their original logo artwork, since they wanted that to stay the same, and then presented them with several different arrangement options for the name, tagline, and colors in the artwork, along with the names of the typefaces I used and the color codes . This was chosen and will be used by them!

Mueller Family Photoshoot


In September of 2017, I went with my Best Friend and her Husband’s family to take photos in an apple orchard. Her Nephews were as cooperative as children going apple picking can be, and I took some pregnancy photos of her and her Husband as well. I think a lot of personality shows through in this set, and in the whole shoot itself! All images are also on my Flickr.

Type Styles Poster

May 05, 2017

For this we had to make an infographic on the state of our choice, I chose Montana. This assignment was very difficult, as we had a certain amount of facts we had to incorporate in an 8.5 x 11″ space. I think the typeface in this, Mrs. Eaves, works very well for the “country” feel associated with the state without being overpowering. I created the artwork in Illustrator as well as arranged the type. My professor suggested incorporating more color into the type, but in the end it either clashed with the background blue or faded into it. There are some arrangement changes from when I submitted this for class, but I think I could take it even further and plan to continue working on this in the future.