Mueller Family Photoshoot


In September of 2017, I went with my Best Friend and her Husband’s family to take photos in an apple orchard. Her Nephews were as cooperative as children going apple picking can be, and I took some pregnancy photos of her and her Husband as well. I think a lot of personality shows through in this set, and in the whole shoot itself! All images are also on my Flickr.


Type Styles Poster

May 05, 2017

For this we had to make an infographic on the state of our choice, I chose Montana. This assignment was very difficult, as we had a certain amount of facts we had to incorporate in an 8.5 x 11″ space. I think the typeface in this, Mrs. Eaves, works very well for the “country” feel associated with the state without being overpowering. I created the artwork in Illustrator as well as arranged the type. My professor suggested incorporating more color into the type, but in the end it either clashed with the background blue or faded into it. There are some arrangement changes from when I submitted this for class, but I think I could take it even further and plan to continue working on this in the future.

Clothing Labels

April 21, 2017

In what turned out to be my favorite assignment of the semester, we had to make up a high end clothing company and design a type-based logo along with 3 different hang tags and one design for the back of the tags. I am proud of every part of the design, from the logo I made, to each tag, and even the back. At first I had each design very similar, but after some peer reviews and critique from my professor I varied the designs more but still kept the overall feel that they belong to the same company, as I thought a luxury brand should be easily recognizable regardless of gender or age. We needed to come up with a background story for the company or some kind of statement or tag line, and I thought the best way to display that across all the tags was to put it on the reverse side of the tag design (shown all the way to the right) and keep the fronts of the tag designs relevant to what the clothing item was. Overall I think it’s edgy and modern, but still very relaxed and laid back like the beach-y lifestyle conveys.

Type as Object

April 07, 2017

As the name suggests, this assignment was about taking type and though varying type sizes, styles, and overlapping words, and making one image. I chose a pair of sunglasses and went to work, I varied the color of the type as well as added some bold type and overlapped some of the words. In the original, I had masked some of the type for the actual lenses in the sunglasses, but when I revised it to upload onto this blog I started from scratch and finessed the type to fit into the shape of the lens. Type on a path makes up almost all of this image, and the smaller I view it the more I like it and the more I can see the varying degrees in depth and value. I think in its full size, the sunglasses are clearly defined and the values vary enough that you can see the depth without the image being too cluttered or “messy” with words.

Modular Grid

Modular Grid Assignment

March 31, 2017

For this assignment, we had to arrange a set of paragraphs along a grid in InDesign. Much like the alignment assignment, I really enjoyed playing around with arranging these paragraphs and thinking of visually interesting ways to view type. I also really enjoyed working in InDesign, as I haven’t had much experience in the program and all the time spent experimenting and playing around really helped me get the feel for how it works and get a good feel about how to go about things in an efficient way. Unfortunately, because of the way we had to lay out the assignment and the specific way we had to save it, It has to be linked to the PDF instead of set as a featured image on my blog.


March 24, 2017

As an assignment in visual hierarchy, we were to take information from an organization called Global Giving Market and design a poster for them. My first thought when I hear market is an outdoor market, so I created the tents and light artwork in illustrator and then took that artwork into InDesign (a requirement for the assignment) and added in the type. I curved the name of the organization as a callback to the image the word “Global” brings to mind, and I made the tag line and meeting information run parallel to the poles in the tent. As for the paragraph of what was offered, I made it centered and a decent size. I’ve made a few small adjustments since submitting this, as I like the design overall as it is, although I don’t think the visual hierarchy is as bold a statement as it could have been.


March 03, 2017

The main goal in this assignment was to take an excerpt from a book and create three different versions of it with varying alignment, leading, and spacing. I loved this assignment and playing around with the paragraphs, and they didn’t need to be in the order they were originally written which also helped. One of the requirements was that none of the words be hyphenated, and in my final submission for class one word in one of my designs ended up being split. I fixed it easily before uploading here. I think the variation I find most successful would be the bottom, or third, design.

Expression Words

February 24, 2017

In this assignment we had to choose from a list of opposite words, and try to illustrate each with type. Victory and defeat stood out to me from the list, and almost immediately I had the inspiration to have defeat slumping off the page. Executing this idea was much more difficult than I imagined, since I wanted the type to be small as well as falling off the page. There just seemed to be an overwhelming amount of negative space, so much so that it almost overshadowed the word. After much revision and playing around, I found a good balance between the negative space and the size of the word without making the word appear too “confident.”  I did the opposite for victory, and made it very bold and confident, and tried to make the letters appear as if they are celebrating.

Custom Font

February 13 to May 01, 2017

For this assignment, we had to work continuously throughout the semester creating a custom font of our own. At first, my design and sketches were more blocky and completely different than this; my final result. After a lot of revisions and finding what did and didn’t work for me, I settled on a handwritten approach with a whimsical, playful feel. The biggest challenge, once I settled on an overall design, was weight of the letters and the tilt. I found that even when I fixed one, the other would be out-of-whack again. What was most helpful in getting everything uniform was making sentences out of the letters, I found that seeing them next to each other to form words was more helpful than comparing them side by side as they’re presented in this blog. After I submitted the final version to my teacher, she pointed out that some of the letters were thicker than the others and not all were a uniform height. I think I found and fixed the ones that stood out, and the edited version is what you see here.